Bouquet interpretation: overly enthusiastic

My friend Jon sent me this photo of a bouquet that a friend of his had given someone to thank them for their help. It looks nice, but what does it mean?

A rather formal looking bouquet in a white vase, or possibly some sort of tin, sitting on a wooden table. It has a huge riot of pink lilies, both open and still closed, several pink chrysanthemums with green petal tips, a lot of small pink flowers with spiky looking foliage, and two big dark green leaves with thick white veins at the bottom of it all.

Once again, the bouquet is probably saying more than intended. The lilies are for purity, and they seem to be super common in bouquets in NZ, so obviously we're a very pure country. Pink chrysanthemums mean love, and the large dark leaves at the bottom of the bouquet are anthurium, which means "the heart". The little flowers are probably Geraldton wax and don't have a specific meaning, but the rest of the bouquet is a very nice declaration of love, and totally inappropriate if you're thanking someone for helping you move house or change the oil in your car.

I'm sure that will help.

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