Blood stains

The Modern Household Encyclopedia includes this remedy for chloroform poisoning by inhalation:

If inhaled, give fresh air and keep the head down; massage in heart region; apply external heat. Artificial respiration may be needed. Call a physician as strychnine may be needed.

It also includes the following about strychnine poisoning:

If severe little can be done except call a doctor immediately. Antidote: very strong tea or tannic acid. Give emetic.

Instead of risking death by chloroform poisoning, you could try this less toxic option from the CWA Cookery Book, Tenth Edition:

Solution of common salt in water, followed by solution of soap and methylated spirits.

An ad for Bundle's Pharmacy. "Buy all your veterinary requirements from Bundle's Pharmacy," is the headline. Below it is a long list of things they have stocks in, most of which I have never heard of, but the list does include nux vomica (strychnine), chloroform, and butyr of antimony, so they can certainly sort you out with a quick poisoning.
Buy your chloroform from the chemist… From the Te Awamutu Courier, 13 September 1946
An ad for Howey Walker, Dentists. It's quite long, but the important bit is where it says "Gas and Oxygen also administered, moderate fees. Arrangements may be made to have chloroform or ether administered in your own home or at surgery."
…or just have someone come round and administer it to you at home. From the Auckland Star, 3 February 1932

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