You can never have too much ammonia around the house. Not only is it useful to keep your stove polish sticking, the CWA Cookery Book, Tenth Edition includes it in a number of soap and cleaner recipes, as well as this recipe for bath salts so you can enjoy a nice relaxing hot ammonia bath after all that scrubbing.

Use 1 part of powdered ammonia to three parts of powdered borax and add a few drops of oil of lavender. Put a few teaspoonfuls in the water just when you are ready to get into your bath. This is very refreshing.

Household Hints recommends a piece of cotton wool soaked in ammonia for toothache, and Household Discoveries has this useful suggestion:

To test green wallpaper for the presence of arsenic in dangerous quantities, dip a sample of it in aqua ammonia. If arsenic is present, the paper will turn from green to blue.

In the event that you get a bit overwhelmed by all the ammonia, the Modern Household Encyclopedia offers this advice for ammonia poisoning:

Do not empty stomach, especially if severe. Give 1/2 glass of vinegar or juice or 4 lemons in equal amount of water; follow with 4 raw egg whites, or milk, or 1 cup olive oil, or castor oil, of flour and water, or other soothing liquids. Give stimulants – coffee or brandy – if necessary. Keep patient resting and warm.

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